We live in a world where — for the first time — parents may outlive their children because of the obesity epidemic affecting our young children.

So if you want to lose weight, be healthy and have a long-term sustainable eating program…

If you want to look better, perform better and feel better…

And if you want to opt-out of the obesity crisis…

Then Clean Eating is the solution.

So what exactly is Clean Eating?

And what makes it so special?

Clean eating — put simply — is eating food in its most natural form, as nature intended it to be eaten.

It’s eating food that is not manufactured, it’s not packaged in a factory, it hasn’t been designed by food scientists and it doesn’t rely on clever marketing tricks to sell it.

Clean eating is what our Grandparents and their parents just called food.

Our Grandparents grew their food, caught it and killed it (or bought it from someone who did it for them).

Clean Eating is consuming the stuff that grows in the ground, is picked from bushes, plucked from trees…

It’s the stuff that flew through the air, swam in our waters or grazed on our land…

And while that might sound overly-simple, or boring.

This is what we evolved and were evolved and were designed to eat, digest and absorb. These are the foods that fill us, satisfy us, nourish us and repair out bodies.

There have no chemicals.

They weren’t designed in a laboratory.

They are just food.

Clean eating is eating real food with the emphasis on real.

Clean Eating Versus Dieting

The word diet is a derivative of the older word diaeta which means “a way of life”.

So the word diet in the modern meaning couldn’t be further from the truth. Today you go on a diet. Today a diet is a short term fix to help you lose weight — usually drastically — because things have gone wrong (you’ve made poor diet decisions and now you’re overweight – things have gone wrong).

The problem with diets is they are usually gimmicks and temporary fixes.

They are gimmicks created with one thing in mind…


Diets are created with the market in mind. Maybe there’s the donut diet because the creators know there is a market for people who want to lose weight but don’t want to give up their donuts.

So they create the donut diet.

And the donut diet works.

If you stick to it and consume nothing but your five donuts per day you’ll eat approximately 2000 calories per day.

If you happen to burn 2000 calories per day then you break even. If you burn 2500 calories then you’ll lose weight. If you only burn 1500 calories then you’ll start to gain weight.

The donut diet does — in theory — work.

But that doesn’t make the donut diet a good thing.

You won’t feel full. You won’t feel satisfied and you definitely won’t feel nourished. Donuts have of lots of calories and very little nutrients.

Plus they are not really food (more on that a little later).

And that’s the premise behind many diets.

They create a calorie deficit so you eat fewer calories than burn without any regard for what your body really needs to thrive and survive.

What our Grandparents just called food!

Eat Clean, Live Longer, Be Healthier, And Look Great!

Our bodies evolved thousands of years ago to eat, digest and absorb the goodness found in real food. And since our body is the only place we can live it’s vital we fill it with the right food if we’re to stay happy and healthy for longer.

It’s no coincidence these are the same foods that make us feel full, provide the fuel our body needs to function optimally (what do you think World Class Athletes eat) and leaves us with lean, healthy physique with minimal body fat — even with minimal exercise.

Add in a little exercise and watch your body transform from lean to athletic physique, from a flat stomach to a full-fledged six pack.
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